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How to start your own Pharma Business?

The Pharmaceutical Industry is booming. Scientific and technological advances are driving the pharmaceutical industry like never before.There are more opportunities than before for those who are looking to break out and start their own pharmaceutical business.

Three Easy steps to start a Pharmaceutical Business

Step 1: Stack the deck in your favor: This is the main step in which you build your foundation of your company, which means having the right person (or people) in your corner and right business in place.

  • Start by hiring an experienced business consultant who understands the pharmaceutical industry. This person will be responsible for examining the overall business concept.
  • Second is evaluating the business options. There are three routes you can take while starting a pharmaceutical company.
    • Begin a pharmaceutical business with a manufacturing unit.
    • Market medicines under your new brand name.
    • Team up with an established drug manufacturer

The options you choose will completely depend on your business goal and budget.

Step 2: Create a successful Business Plan: Once you have settled on the type of pharmaceutical company you need to create a successful business plan.While this is not a guarantee that the plan will be successful, you can set your business in a smart way for better chances of success.

  • Research potential competitors: Research is the key step in the process for setting up the business.Knowing the competitors will give you an idea why they are excelling in the business.By researching them you will get even better ideas to come upon with.
  • Identify Expenses :Determine the total investment that will be required to start a business this includes manufacturing, trials for pharmaceutical distribution will happen in house or outsourced
    • A production facility
    • An office space or building
    • Furniture
    • Machinery
    • Wages
    • Pharmaceutical conveyors belts
    • Pharmaceutical industry conveyors
    • Basic utilities ( wifi, gas, water)
  • Choose the right Equipment : Choosing the right equipment is important in running a reputable pharmaceutical company.Need to ensure that the conveyors or equipment does not damage products.
  • Establish roles and responsibilities: Running a pharmaceutical business is not going to happen by a handful of people. You will need a qualified, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff and the same vision as the company has. You will need a Human resource manager, Chief executive officer, Purchase manager, Inventory manager, Customer service executive, An Accountant, Marketing and Sales executive, Floor managers, Floor employees. It takes a lot of people to run a business, but with the right team you will overcome all the stress coming while starting the business.
  • Conduct SWOT analysis: It is to take care of the business plan, weakness,opportunities, and threats arising in business. Make sure to analyze your competitors as well this will give us an overview and comparison of the market
  • Verify license Requirement: It is important to do research on license about all necessary licenses you require in the city.The pharmaceutical distribution requirements will depend on your type of business but, in general, pharmaceutical startups are considered limited liability corporations.

Step 3: Establish your brand: Once you start your own pharma company it's time to take proper steps in promoting. By doing proper research and investing in advertising and marketing you will be closer to building a successful company. Advertising and marketing companies can help you create a proper brand image, logo,company mission, website, marketing campaign.

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