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We are WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2015 and FSSAI Quality Certified Pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers and exporters based in Bangalore


We have been awarded the Best Pharma Company in Bangalore at the National Quality Excellence Awards, 2017

Fast Growing

We have been piloting our way to the top swiftly. We always believe that great businesses are the results of great partnerships.

Quality Certified

We are WHO-GMP quality certified, ISO 9001:2015 quality certified and FSSAI quality certified. Quality is the hallmark of Novalife.


At Novalife, we live by the highest standards of ethics and have a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction

About Novalife Healthcare

We are an award winning, fast growing and quality certified pharma company based in Bangalore. We are committed to reform healthcare in India and are flagbearers of ethical business practices.

Novalife Healthcare is an award-winning WHO-GMP quality certified, ISO 9001:2000 quality certified and FSSAI quality certified, pharma company established in the year 2009 at Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Since inception, we have been piloting our way to the top swiftly. We have an array of products on offer ranging from Antibiotics, Antacids, Analgesics, Anti-diabetic, Cough Suppressants to Nutritional supplements. All our products are manufactured as per the industry standards and parameters.

At Novalife, we always believe that great businesses are the results of great partnerships. For the same reason, we place high value in every customer and his needs and work tirelessly towards building a good rapport with each one of them. Perhaps, this paradigm of placing our customers on the forefront has enabled us to successfully penetrate the market briskly. Sharing strong bond with the customers, attending to their needs diligently and nurturing healthy mutual growth is what we strive to achieve at Novalife.

Innovate healthcare to promote healthy living.

To Promote & Protect Healthy Lives Through Leadership, Partnership & Innovation In Healthcare.

  • Live by the highest standards of ethics
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Gain deep understanding of our customers and domains
  • Steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Apply creative and breakthrough ideas for business improvement
  • Nurture growth opportunities to enable growth with the passage of every single day
  • Build an effective marketing network to serve the needs of a medical profession
  • ISet and meet high standards of performance

Quality is the hallmark of Novalife. Finest quality has known to be synonymous with our products. Right from the inception stages, quality has found a profound place in all our endeavors. At every phase of manufacturing, right from raw materials to finished products, highest standard of quality is ensured with the help of most modern equipment, trained personnel and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. All production facilities match highest standards of hygiene and with all equipment’s undergoing periodic inspection from time to time for consistency from batch to batch, the odds of defects are literally zeroed down. Our manufacturing facilities are certified by WHO GMP certified.

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